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Is Life What You Expected

Is life what you expected? THIS LIFE...? When you were 20 years old, is this where you saw yourself in 2022? Did you imagine living this long? Did you know that you’d be living in the place you do now? Congratulations. Life presented itself to you and you met
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Learning To Be Brave

Be Brave

We all have different definitions of what’s brave. What does it mean to you? Take a moment to ponder it for yourself. What do you do that feels brave? Do you like the feeling of being brave? In your opinion, what do others do that’s brave?
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Speaking in public online training course for women

What did you learn today?

At dinner time growing up, we were often asked “What did you learn today?” Dad wanted us to gather new words s or information and bring them back to him. We would discuss these ideas over the meal and teach each other something new. We also made-up stories and wrote them out
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