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Mountain of Ideas

This booklet offers ideas for parents and caregivers of young children to pack more fun into each day. Use these ideas to keep your children engaged and have fun exploring some with them.


Baby Focus

This book outlines how to grow a strong bond with a baby (birth-3 years) who lives away from you. Using digital technology that's available to us, you can create a relationship with a little one you love. The author bonded with her grandchildren using these techniques and wants to share them with you.

Personal Growth Online Courses

Looking Your Best Online

Elizabeth outlines how to work with what you have to look great online! There are simple ways to look your best online to make your presentations or network to get work. This can make a world of difference. Everyone needs to view these tips.

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how to help someone new to your neighbourhood

Support a Newcomer

Over 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of setting up five apartments for people who needed them. I met them in different ways and found out how I could support them. I turned to my local community to get the furniture they needed. The response warmed my heart. I'll share some stories with you and encourage you to try it, too. It's quite rewarding.

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