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Your Applause Academy

Part 1: Plan your Speaker Series

In Part One, you find clarity about what you want to accomplish with your speaker or storytelling series.

Part 2: Launch your Speaker Series

In Part Two, you will gain confidence to produce an event or series. Start here when you have become clear around who you want to bring together around which topic or cause and you have a clear mission and vision for your speaker or storytelling series.

Part 3: Earn with your Speaker Series

In Part Three, I will guide you how to develop strong sponsorship packages and you will identify several sponsors for your own speaker or storytelling series.

Bundle Your Applause Academy


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Bundle Your Applause Academy to Grow Fast + The Mentors Circle

Get lifetime access to YAA courses, bonuses, plus The Mentors Circle (monthly group meeting with founder, Elizabeth Verwey) at a deep discount.

The Mentors Circle


Two hour ‘Mentors Circle’ peer group meetings with Elizabeth Verwey. She kicks off each meeting with her Mentors Moment.

Courses Coming Soon

Letting go of Fears r1

Letting Go of Fears

Growth is a process and letting go of the fears that no longer serve us is an important step in the process of living a more fulfilling life. Learn how Elizabeth explored what was possible by being brave. She felt the fear and did it anyway. And, it was worth it!

Coming Soon!

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