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What did you learn today?

Still Growing

At dinner time growing up, we were often asked “What did you learn today?” Dad wanted us to gather new words or information and bring them back to him. We would discuss these ideas over the meal and teach each other something new. We also made-up stories and wrote them out on Chinet™ napkins. One infamous one was about ‘The Artic Chihuahua’. We repeated that silly story for years! We lost track of the napkin and the details are fuzzy in my mind.

My teenage years were a little tricky as I knew that he didn’t want to hear about many of the things I’d learned that day. In those years, I brought new ideas from school or new words from the dictionary. We had a huge dictionary that seemed to have every word we ever needed in it. I actually bought my parents a large bible stand to display in the living room. That dictionary served as our family bible. It sat open and was very willing to share its knowledge.

I suspect that it was that dinner time question that has made me a lifelong learner. When I get into bed at night, it can still pop into my mind. It’s kept me curious. It’s certainly easier these days, with the world wide web at our fingertips. When I wonder about something and start to type it into my web browser, I’m amused when my question pops up. I realize that other people are pondering the same things!
Some of the answers that come up don’t seem like the right ones. I scroll around to find a reliable source. That’s what I want ‘Grow at Your Pace’ to become. A reliable place to take courses from experts who know what they are talking about.

We’ll use solid adult learning principles to ensure that people will learn easily. All the dots will connect, and you will also have access to these experts once you buy their course. They will be available to you to answer questions four times per year. I’m excited to offer a few of my own courses first and then curate other experts who will share their courses. We will let you know first about our new courses and after that time, officially launch them to the public. The courses will support you in your business and personal life.

If there’s a topic that you’d like to learn about, please let us know and we will find a reliable expert. Tell us if you meet an expert and you think that their topic would make a great course. We’re a small team with BIG dreams! We want to open the conversation so that we can best serve your learning goals. Contact Us & Let us know what you want to learn about.

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